There are many Bible study topics available for your group to learn about and apply. If your group is associated with a church, follow any rules established for selecting Bible study topics and study materials. If you have the flexibility to select the topics your group will study, don’t stress out. Be alert to what your members may need and get their input about the topics they would like to study.

One of the purposes of a small group is for members to experience life together while encouraging each other to be all that God desires. There are a significant number of topics to help make that happen.

Potential Bible Study Topics

Consider the following list of Bible study topics as you decide your next area of study:

Sermon-basedCultural IssuesSalvation/Assurance
Books of the BiblePolitical InvolvementBaptism
Bible Study MethodsServiceMiracles
Health/FitnessFun and RecreationReligions/Cults
Building and Breaking HabitsSharing JesusJoy
Rest/SabbathCharacter, Integrity, Ethics, and VirtuesChurch History
Time ManagementLife PurposeMissions
Spiritual GiftsParentingSex/Sexuality
Personal FinanceOrganizationGiving/Generosity/Tithing
Life BalanceSocial IssuesWork
LeadershipGaining WisdomSetting Boundaries