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Hi, my name is Roger Carr. I am a husband, father, Christian, business person, writer, and volunteer.

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Roger Carr
Mentor to the Rich of Heart

I have participated in and led several small groups over the past 30+ years. These small groups included those in churches, work settings, professional organizations, and nonprofit organizations. Even though their purposes are significantly different, I discovered these small groups have characteristics that are more similar than they are different.

I have had the pleasure of seeing people become followers of Jesus through the influences and relationships established in small groups. I have seen people grow spiritually through small groups (I have grown spiritually through small group participation). I have also seen small groups give birth to more small groups over and over.

I am currently leading a small group and participating on a writing team at my local church. One of the products we create is a list of questions and tips that group leaders can use to facilitate life-changing discussions each week in their small group gatherings. I am also an author for the Small Group Network.

About the Blog

God has given me a big vision to help people help others. One part of that vision is to help leaders avoid burnout. Another part of that vision is to help small group leaders be effective as they lead and encourage others in their groups. Small group leaders have an extremely important responsibility as we further God’s Kingdom.

To do this, small group leaders need to be armed with the best resources, training, and encouragement. That is the purpose of this blog. I plan to provide the insights God has given me over the years, share other great resources that exist, and create additional products that can be used.

Growing and leading a small group that is supportive, effectively grows disciples, and reaches out into the community is not easy. However, it is one of the most important things a person can do if called to do it. My desire is to help ease the difficulty and maximize the impact of each group leader as they deliver their best service for God.

If you are new to leading small groups, I recommend you start your reading at the New Small Group Leaders Start Page.

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