Are you a new small group leader or thinking about becoming one? Congratulations! This page exists specifically for new small group leaders.

The below articles were hand selected to get you on the right path. Read and practice these before digging into the many posts and resources available on this website.

Small Groups

If you are unsure of what a small group is, then check out this article.
What Is a Small Group?

First Things First

You are going to be tempted to roll up your sleeves and start learning about many of the techniques needed to be effective. But planning and performing perfectly won’t matter if you haven’t worked on these areas first.

The Most Important Small Group Leader Action
5 Ways to Guard Your Heart
What is the Purpose of a Small Group Leader?

Recruiting Members

5 Ways to Recruit New Members into Your Small Group

Bible Study

Teach or Facilitate: Which Is More Effective for Small Group Bible Study?
5 Steps to Creating Great Bible Study Questions
From Distracted to Active Listening


How to Lead Group Prayer Time
6 Ways to Upgrade Group Prayer


Caring within the group is a way to encourage and support each other. It is also a witness to those outside the group as they see members loving one another.

Lifted Up by Small Group Care Ministry

Member Involvement

Assigning small group members areas of responsibility helps you keep from burning out. It also helps them develop spiritually as they exercise the gifts they are blessed with.

Small Group Member Roles for Extraordinary Service
Does Your Small Group Have Gifted Members?

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