What Is a Small Group?

A small group is a small number of people who meet regularly for fellowship and spiritual growth.

You may have heard these groups called by a different name. Some of the names include:

  • Life group
  • Cell group
  • Care group
  • Connect group
  • Fellowship group
  • Home group
  • Community group

When and Where?

Note that meeting on a specific day, time and location are not required to be a small group. There are groups that meet online!

Although many small groups are associated with a particular church, that is not a requirement. Many years ago, I was a part of a group that was made up of four couples who went to three different churches and lived in two different cities.

Are All Small Groups the Same?

Each small group has its own personality. In large part, this is due to each member of the group being unique (just as God created us). But the personality of the small group can also come from things like gender/age limits, the specific focus of the group, where the group meets, and the type and topic of Bible study material used.

How Many Members?

The ideal number of people in a small group is about 6-12 people. Having at least 6 people allows for plenty of experiences and perspectives to be a part of the discussions. But when there is more than a dozen members, it is difficult for everyone to take part as needed to support the transformation of each member’s life.

What Takes Place During a Small Group Meeting?

Most small group meetings include food/snacks, informal conversation, Bible study with discussion, encouragement, care and prayer. But the connection between group members should not start and end with each meeting. A healthy group has a leader and members who encourage and support each other between the meetings. These relationships are important for the spiritual growth of each other.

Question: How has a small group helped you? What is your favorite aspects of being a part of a group? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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