Book Review: Small Group Leader Toolbox by Michael C. Mack

Do you know how the roles of a Doomsday Champion or Reality Show Champion could be used to improve your small group? I didn’t either until I read Michael Mack’s ebook Small Group Leader Toolbox. Michael recently gave me a copy of his book and I am glad he did.

Small Group Leader Toolbox

small group leader toolbox cover

Small Group Leader Toolbox is not your typical book. It is a compilation of articles, infographics, lists and forms that can support both the new small group leader as well as those leaders who are more experienced.

The book is 54 pages and is available in the form of an ebook (pdf format).

New Small Group Leaders

The first part of the book provides resources to support a new small group leader setting up a new group that is healthy. It covers many important topics, including:

  • Healthy small groups (p. 4)
  • When and where to meet (p. 8)
  • Recruiting new members (p. 9)
  • Checklist for the first meeting (p.7)
  • Planning (p.18)
  • Covenants (p. 23)
  • and much more.

It is a quick read so you will be able to pull out and use exactly what you need when you need it.

Veteran Small Group Leaders

The tools provided in the book do not stop at those needed by new small group leaders. The later part of the book moves into areas that support evaluating and improving small groups. The topics in this area include:

  • Ways to take your small group deeper (p.37)
  • Discussion questions (p. 44)
  • Active listening (p. 46)
  • Ideas for conversational prayer (p.47)
  • Dealing with challenges (p.50)
  • What to do during the summertime (p. 52)
  • and much more.

What It Is Not

Small Group Leader Toolbox is not full of inspirational stories. It is a no-nonsense book filled with tools that you can immediately use to help organize, lead, and improve your small group.

Where to Learn More

I recommend the Small Group Leader Toolbox from Michael C. Mack as a resource for any small group leader and those thinking about becoming a small group leader.

You can learn more about the Small Group Leader Toolbox and order it from the Small Group Leadership website at


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