Small Group Member Roles for Extraordinary Service

Christians are armed with a supernatural ability that is seldom identified, developed and exercised. This powerful ability comes from our spiritual gifts. We each have at least one.

Spiritual Gifts Discovered

Small groups can provide an environment for members to discover and practice using their spiritual gifts. Small groups can also help demonstrate how the gifts of each member work together to create a significant impact.

If the small group members don’t already know what their spiritual gifts are, they should study the Bible on the topic and take a spiritual gift survey to point them in the right direction.

Spiritual Gifts Exercised Through Small Group Member Roles

Once members determine what their spiritual gifts might be, they can take on roles in the small group that would use those gifts. Over time, a confirmation as to whether or not these are their gifts will become evident through the personal experience, feedback from other members, and guidance from Holy Spirit that is received.

The following slides identify several potential small group member roles that could be filled. Don’t limit the small group member roles to the ones mentioned here. Be creative.

[slideshare id=50283853&doc=a-3-7e6089536a0112d1fd2d12dfbe4f9a7b0ff354fd-150708030215-lva1-app6892]

Benefits Realized

Connecting group members with their spiritual gifts and implementing them in your group will:

  • Make your small group more impactful
  • Accelerate the spiritual growth of members
  • Increase member engagement in the small group

Question: What other ways can small group members discover and practice their spiritual gifts? What are some additional small group roles to consider? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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