6 Ways to Upgrade Group Prayer

Do you look forward to your small group prayer time or do you wish it was over before it starts?

Prayer time should be a time of worship, celebration and sharing. But if group prayer time is done the same way week after week, there is a danger of it becoming more like a boring ritual and not an authentic conversation with God.

Consider changing up how you do group prayer to keep it real and something members look forward to doing. Here are 6 ways to choose from for your next small group meeting:

1. Prayer Partners

Break up into smaller groups of 2 or 3 people. Share prayer requests and pray.

2. Draw Prayer Requests Out of a Hat

Each member writes a prayer request on a piece of paper and drops it in a hat (or other container). Each member draws a piece of paper from the hat and prays for that request.

3. Simultaneous Prayers

Every member prays out loud at the same time. This seemed a little chaotic when I first participated in this type of prayer. However, after the initial “shock,” I have found it to be a powerful method of group prayer.

4. Sentence Prayers

One person is selected to start the prayer and one to close the prayer. Members take turns praying a sentence at a time in between.

5. Prayer Map

Lay out a local map. Identify and pray for God to work in specific areas in your community.

6. Prayer Walk

Go outside to a specific place in your community. Pray for those living and/or working in the community as you walk as a group.

There are many ways to do group prayer. Try to shake things up with a new method from time to time and get a fresh perspective.

This is important because we have access to unlimited power through prayer when it is authentic and not for show. Don’t allow your group prayer to become a boring ritual.

Question: What are some other ways to do group prayer? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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