Improve Your Small Group Questions With This Free App

There are many great tools available to improve a person’s writing. These editing tools are critical to those who write books, reports, articles and blogs. But did you consider that many of these tools can also help us improve our small group questions?

The questions we develop need to be concise and understandable. The Hemingway Editor is a free app that can help us improve our questions in this way.

Copy and paste your questions into the editor. It will calculate how understandable your questions are by calculating the reading level. It will point out places where you can make changes to lower the reading level to a more acceptable grade level. It will also offer hints to make your writing more concise. Often, it will even give you alternative words to consider.

Give it a try. Just cut and paste your list of small group questions in this free app and discover for yourself what it can do.

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