Top 10 Small Group Blogs I Follow

Reading blogs can be a great way to learn about a topic. By reading a number of blogs, you can get a variety of perspectives based on the unique knowledge and experience of each author.

Small Group International is the blog where I share my unique perspective on small groups. But I thought you might like to know many of the blogs I follow and read to gain godly wisdom on just about any small group topic I can think of.

When you visit these blogs, leave your own ideas and questions in the comment section. Many  of these bloggers will engage you in a conversation that you can both learn from.

Here they are in alphabetical order:

1. Allen White’s Blog

Allen White is a pastor and small group consultant. His blog is targeted to help small group pastors and directors as they lead the small group leaders. Allen posts every week or two with great actionable tips and resources.

2. Groups

This blog, provided by North Point Resources, provides information and conversations to small group leaders. It contains posts that help in everyday conversation, questions to use in small group encounters, as well as devotions and other resources.

3. Jim Egli

Jim is a Leadership Pastor who is responsible for the growth of leaders, small groups,and churches. He covers topics of interest to pastors, small group point people, and small group leaders.


Mark is a pastor and small group ministry consultant. His blog is aimed at small group point people on how to launch, build and sustain an effective small group ministry.

5. The Relational Mission

Scoot Boren is the person behind this blog. He consults with churches to develop effective small group systems and experience missional life. He shares many oof his insights regarding small groups on this blog that will get you to think differently (and this is a good thing).

6. Rick Howerton

Rick is currently the Small Group and Discipleship Specialist at LifeWay Church Resources. He has a passion for small groups and disciple-making. He blogs daily and every post is informative and compelling.

7. Small Group Churches

This blog is made up of multiple small group experts contributing posts. Some contributors also have their own blogs (some are in this top 10 list). This blog provides information for small group point people, pastors and leaders.

8. Small Group Leadership

This blog is from Michael C. Mack. He typically posts more than once per week. The focus of his blog is small groups, but also includes thoughts on discipleship and leadership. Also included is a weekly small group leadership tips of the week.

9. Small Group Network

This blog is made up of articles from a number of Small Group Network members. The focus is on valuable information that can be used by small group point people. I especially like the Group Talk audio interviews that take place monthly with experts on a variety of small group topics.

10. Small Groups

This is the small groups voice of Christianity Today. There are many articles available for free that provide practical, small group-related tips and instruction on a variety of topics.

Question: What information do you look for from a blog? What are your top small group blogs that I don’t have on my list? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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