Types of Small Groups

What picture comes to mind when you think of small groups?

It might be a Sunday school class or training class at church. It might be a support group of people helping each other overcome a challenge. It could be a gathering in someone’s home. It could even be an online discussion like those taking place in a Facebook group.

There are many types of small groups set up to help people become their best as they live their Christian life.

There are many factors to consider when determining the type of small groups to establish.

Example – Demographic-based Small Group Membership

An example of one of the factors is whether membership is opened up to anyone who wants to participate or to those who meet specific demographics. If a demographic-based group membership is desired, people to be reached would share characteristics that could include one or more of the following:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Location
  • Language
  • Hobbies/Interests
  • Family/Marital status
  • Disability (blind, deaf, etc.)
  • Life challenges
  • Shut-in (residence, care home, etc.)
  • Commuter
  • Spiritual maturity

Some Types of Small Groups

There are additional factors to consider when determining the types of small groups to start. Step through the slides below for a list of additional factors that should be considered.

[slideshare id=50280190&doc=a-3-290d24a6b60c3914a3f8d270b618a4dae7f356dc-150708001146-lva1-app6892]

Small Group Purpose

There is a smorgasbord full of options to pick from when setting up new small groups. Spend time in prayer and listen for what God wants. Develop a purpose for the small group that supports God’s desires.

Once the purpose is known, the decisions that define the type of small groups needed will fall out more easily. Follow God’s guidance, define the purpose, and watch God do amazing things with the type of small groups you start.

Question: What other factors should be considered before deciding on the type of small groups to start? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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