Why Are You a Small Group Leader?

People don’t buy what you do; people buy WHY you do it.”
~ Simon Sinek in TED Talk How Great Leaders Inspire Action

What are some reasons people volunteer to be a small group leader?

  • They love to help people become stronger, more mature followers of Jesus
  • They believe God asked them to lead a group
  • They want to develop and use their applicable spiritual gifts

There are other reasons that people volunteer to be a small group leader, but reasons like the following should raise some concern:

  • They were pressured into it
  • No one else would do it
  • They want authority over other people

What Is Your Why?

It is important you get clear about why you are a small group leader. It is important that your reason is based on good, unselfish intentions.

Being a small group leader is a great thing to do. But only if you are supposed to be the one doing it. There are many good things you could be doing. Make sure you are doing the right good things.

Sometimes we have to give up the good to be available for the great things God has in store for us. This is not necessarily easy. I had to learn this lesson myself (the hard way).

When Your Why Is Strong

When your why is strong, it will motivate you to always do your best and inspire your members to do the same. This popular TED talk by Simon Sinek explains how the “why” of a leader has the potential to inspire many others to take action.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy if you have a strong reason why you are leading a small group:


A strong why will stir up a strong passion within you for the work to be done. You’ll be enthusiastic in preparing and leading your group.

Inspire Your Members

As stated in the Simon Sinek quote and video above, your group members are going to be inspired to action by the reasons driving you as their leader.

Overcome Obstacles

If you don’t know why you are a small group leader or if you are doing it for the wrong reasons, you will have difficulty being effective and getting through the tough moments. Knowing your why will keep you from quitting as you go through any difficulties.

Set Priorities

Knowing why you are doing what you do will provide the basis to prioritize how you spend your time and energy. What is most important needs to take priority over the least important.


Because you are clear about this being a high priority, it will become easier to keep distractions from interrupting the time you have set aside to work on group leader responsibilities. This single focus will allow you to be more productive and effective.

Take on Challenges and Stretch Goals

You won’t be satisfied with the status quo. You will strive to do things that are beyond your own abilities, but achievable through God’s strength.

Seek to Improve

You will have a desire to continually improve because it is important to do your best when you serve others in this way.

Don’t try to lead without having a strong why.

Question: What are the reasons why you are a small group leader? How has knowing your why benefited you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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